Social Media Marketing

The social media war can be won only with a good strategy

Companies often seek the most efficient ways to find new customers and to be closer to those already acquired.

Exist today places where most of the people, users and consumers, hence potential customers, meet and spend a lot of time together. They’re not physical places, but digital platforms  specially created for helping people to meet each other.

We're obviously talk about social networks:

  • Facebook has about 34 million users [1]
  • An average two hours per day are spent on the social platform. [2]
  • Instagram has about 16 million active users. This platform is still far from Facebook numbers, but it’s running very fast: In 2017 its users increased by 41 %.[3]
be2be servizi social media marketing

Social networks have changed the way we communicate: the way in which people communicate with each other along with the way companies communicate with their customers

It should be now apparent to everyone that no good marketing strategy can walk away from a whole range of promotional, relational and product placement activity which can be carried out on social media. But sometimes the companies’ approach to social media marketing ends up being confused and non-systematic.

Social networks are a very powerful instrument, ma as any other means they may result inefficient and without any specific competence; that’s way be2be combines with the business solution that offers to its clients a


Posting and sharing content, interacting with other users and even advertising a product it may seem easier from a technical point of view to the point where anyone can manage his profile all by himself.

Assuming this is true, it is not so easy to clarify how a company can exploit these channels and bring to the attention of a wide audience its proposals. Or even defining the marketing goals that you can pursue and what is the most suitable strategy to achieve solid and measurable results.

This is where Be2Be srl comes into play, providing to its clients:

  • The knowledge of the marketing instruments, both online and offline;
  • The ability to identify the means through which achieve the ideal target for the company’s proposals;
  • The chance to make these instruments interact efficiently with other forms of promotion

Helping the customers to define concrete goals and creating a quality communication on the social media channels;  All this it’s necessary to lay firm foundations for the investments in the Display advertising campaigns.

The starting point to develop a solid strategy is in the choice of the


We all know that Facebook is the most populated social network. But it isn’t always the most suitable for the marketing strategies of our clients, or it is not the only choice. Be2be leads the companies in the definition of their ideal clientele a careful analysis of the different platforms will lead to detect those that are more attended by the potential customers.

A few examples: Instagram is a social network on the rise, perfect for a company that works in fashion, beauty, food and travel. But if a company operates in the B2B field, then Linkedin will be its preferred channel. In both cases, to understand the needs of the clients and based on the specificity of their business it may rise the opportunity to exploit other channels so to achieve a coherent and efficient online presence

Social networks have changed the way we communicate: the way in which people communicate with teach other along with the way companies communicate with their customers.

It exists social networks devoted to specific professional sectors; those channels, albeit they do not count many subscribers, often produce very strong engagement rates, meaning that the users of that channel are very active and willing to accept the proposals presented through those platforms.

An in-depth and proper consultancy devoted to the choice of the channels to exploit it’s a solid base to produce concrete results and they always need a great production of


Without which the social networks are nothing more than empty boxes. Today the supply of web content it’s getting wider and wider; thus low quality content is going unnoticed now.

To get the best from the potential of social networking it’s necessary to offer to the users unforgettable content. Our team at be2be creates texts, images, visuals and graphics completely original; conceived to exploit the language of a channel and to impress the ideal target for each of our clients.  

We build a coherent communication ecosystem where a webpage, an E-commerce a Landing page and a DEM campaign, are capable to convey the values of a brand in a clear and attractive way.

We create efficient and Original content for every channels that becomes part of the business solution of a company.