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The dynamic marketing that moves along with the clients

If the aim of any marketing strategyis to reach all possible customers, then we cannot help but to devote good part of our attention to all types of advertisements that can be shown via cellphones or smartphones.

be2be servizi mobile advertising

As for today, these devices have become so much pervasive to shape our habits; they shape the way we communicate but also the way we buy our goods and services.

Speaking of Italy we can say that everyone uses their cellphones or smartphones, in fact they can’t live without them:

  • Nearly 50 million Italians own a mobile device.
  • Over 38 million use the smartphones access the internet[1].
  • We check the smartphone on an average 150 times a day[2].

So the companies have many opportunities, in a single day, to get in touch with potential customers through their smartphones. 

To take this opportunity to the fullest you need a marketing strategy able to incorporate the mobile interactions within a larger set of instruments and to highlight the features of this device to achieve solid business objectives.

At Be2Be we are fully aware of the strength of mobile marketing. For this reason we provide to our customers the skills to create tailor-made campaigns; because, through smartphones, contents come into use in a very special way and who produce them cannot ignore this.


To develop a banner or a landing page that fits the content to the screens of the various devices (what’s commonly known as responsiveness) sometimes is not enough. To make the customers involved and to catch their attention through contents emerging from the continuous stream of communication it is necessary to rethink the instruments of mobile marketing.  

At Be2be we create contents that not only exploits the potential of this medium (as the immediacy of interaction of the touchscreen or the opportunity to be connected almost everywhere), but also what might appear limitations like the opportunity to rethink in a more efficient way the user interface.

So the companies have many opportunities, in a single day, to get in touch with potential customers through their smartphones.

Web Designing for mobile is not easy as it sound: there are many features that change from desktop to mobile.  You probably couldn't click on a particular link or a button: maybe it’s too tiny, or it has been put in the wrong place or too close to the other links. Here’s why designing from the mobile perspective requires specific competences and abilities. Many processes will be simplified to eliminate unnecessary functions.

Less functions, but simpler and clearer. Less words since there’s less space on the screen. Then, the pictures, the functions and the words you’ll find will be only those that are necessary, those useful to the user in order to relate with the content and be taken in by the proposals they convey. Simply put: converting more and converting better.   

This not only does apply to display campaigns. We don’t think that mobile advertising is an obstacle to a good marketing. On the contrary, we consider it a great opportunity.

Value-Added Services/Vas

Be2be provides all the instruments of mobile advertising that can be useful within a marketing strategy.

We offer to our customers the opportunity to develop specific campaigns for this kind of services. We put at the disposal our expertise and our experience in the field where there are few specialists that actually make the difference.  

Be2be has all it takes to make mobile marketing and make it good:

  • A premium network of trustworthy publishers
  • The opportunity to manage big volumes of traffic
  • A creative art department
  • An internal team dedicated to maximize the performance through a detailed profiling of the 3G/Wi-Fi traffic, geo, carrier, device and vertical
  • A dedicated account to ensure the best support
  • Access to the platform where it is possible to consult the reporting and to check the results in real-time.

Thanks to these services and our expertise in the field, we at Be2Be ensure the best demands to all the professionals involved:

  • To the publishers: by providing only converting campaigns
  • To the advertisers: by ensuring the highest level of optimization, which means the maximum of ROI.

But we are also able to incorporate them in a comprehensive strategy through a consultancy activity identifying the best suited means that can enhance each other efficiency.

In an evolving landscape that is knowing impactful developments such as the spreading of mobile technologies,
Be2Be puts in place all its competencies to realize more and more dynamic and performative marketing strategies.