Display Advertising

Display campaigns - the best commerical offers at your fingertips

Creating display advertising means posting advertisements on the web platforms exploiting the characteristics of this tool; especially the possibility to achieve targeted advertisements to a defined target and optimized campaigns based on the needs of the company.

be2be servizi display advertising

The difference with the traditional advertising is all in there: a billboard is seen by a wide, but diverse audience. On the contrary, the amount of data generated by our browsing behaviors allows us  to display proposals of the companies to the right customers, within the virtual spaces that they usually attend and that they employ to create products and services.

According to the annual WeAreSocial report the Italians spend online about 6 hours per day; for the companies that want to meet new customers is the most efficient choice.

Be2be implements the potential of display advertising within a marketing strategy elaborating for its clients a way to create a business solution targeted towards real goals:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Adv
  • Instagram Adv
  • LinkedIn Ads

These platforms make it possible to obtain significant results for the companies, especially to make their offers known to a wide-range audience (awareness) and to generate contacts with the interested customers. They can combine the content chosen by the users and their browsing behaviors with the most relevant ads, allowing us to improve the conversion rate and optimize the client’s ROI.

Thanks to the power of these platforms and the competence of Be2be, we create display advertising campaigns offering to our clients the chance to:

  • Address their offers to a specific target
  • Measure the performance of the campaigns and monitor the target’s behavior to refine the marketing strategy
  • Engaging the user by driving him on an efficient landing page

Employing all the available technology to convey the ads to the right users is vital; but as it is necessary to find the right context, it is equally important being able to engage the audience.

That’s why be2be provides to its clients a creative department capable of producing original quality content: the real key to turn the views into conversions.

And if human talent is not enough we can rely on

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising exploits the software’s ability to analyze in a short time great amounts of data. Therefore, it is the machine that replaces the marketer’s work and to establish when and how the ads will be displayed to the users.

All software dedicated to the purchase of digital advertisements are capable of analyzing in a short time the online behavior of the consumers. They target precisely advertisements, both on the demographic and behavioral basis, and optimize campaigns in real time.

Thanks to these mechanisms programmatic advertising is more and more efficient, and thus affordable.

This is the reason of its success. According to a recent report published by IAB Europe:

  • Half of the digital advertising market in Europe is made with programmatic advertising
  • 85% of the advertisers, agencies and publishers expect, during the year, to increase their investments in programmatic advertising.

A super-efficient system, capable to display the content that the users wants to see, at the time he wants; it takes out the human component, reducing the errors to a minimum and thus the costs.

A service intended to have an increasing success. A service that we at Be2be offer to our clients to make their business solutions more and more efficient and performative.

A tool that, as the others, in order to express its full potential needs to be inserted organically within a widermarketing strategywhere all the means of promoting work in synergy.

... the Italians spend online about 6 hours per day; for the companies that want to meet new customers is the most efficient choice.

This is the added value that be2be offers to the companies. We don’t sell only single services, but we build with our clients relationships which start from a consultancy. We lend our ear to their needs. With this we combine our experience  in the marketing field and the expertise of a team capable to draw on all the marketing tools, from the more traditional ones to the more innovative – as for programmatic advertising. We can thus plan an efficient marketing strategy that brings to the companies concrete results without generating useless costs.

Pervasive as the display advertising, innovative as the programmatic advertising :
this is the business solutions that be2be loves to achieve for its clients.