Direct Email Marketing  - DEM

We build and take care of the relations with the customers
even in the GDPR era

In a scenario ruled by multichannel communication, where social networks, chatrooms and instant messengers have experienced a disruptive evolution, will email marketing campaigns still be useful?

Even if common sense says ‘’no’’, the numbers tell us otherwise:

  • 99% of the people opens the inbox once a day;
  • We check the email at least 20 times per day. We do this at work, through our cellphones and at home.
  • 83 % of the users still has their first email address as their main account[1]

An instrument that seems to have stability as its main feature. 

Even the open rate of the email marketing reflects this attitude: after a downturn occurred a few years ago, it is slowly growing back since 2016[2].

It's this stability that makes the direct email marketing a valuable element within a business strategy that has lead generation Lead generation as one of its goals

be2be servizi direct email marketing

If we had at least one chance to get in touch with our potential customers, we can’t let it pass.

However, in order to take this opportunity in a productive way, we can’t leave anything to chance. If years ago, when these means were born, ‘’being there’’ was enough, today there is a need of strategy, competence and a continuous updating.

Everything starts with the choice of the recipients. Email marketing is a versatile instrument capable of reaching whoever has a connection and to intercept everywhere the “costumer journey” of the users.

We can choose to send promotional emails to acquire new customers. But, at this point, a problem arises...

To whom must we send the DEM campaigns?

The choice of the recipients, especially when the aim of the campaign is to acquire new contacts and new customers, has a deep impact on the results.

This is where Be2Be comes into play. We provide a database which has all the right features to build a successful campaign full of profiled, high quality contacts, constantly updated and that meets all the requirements of the current privacy legislation (GDPR).

We can therefore choose the perfect target for the various group of agencies and the differing business objectives: that’s where a proper email marketing strategy begins, but can certainly not stop there.  

To the technical element of the campaign (choice of the recipients, the use of trustworthy mailers) we integrate a department focused on the production of unique content.

The only ones capable to emerge from the noise of the competitors and to grab the attention of the users. The only ones who can overcome the obstacle posed by the many tools employed   to open the emails.

That’s why we also devote ourselves to

How to submit the DEM campaigns

We design emails and Landing pagesoffering the best browsing experience and fulfilling the tastes and the expectations of the target user. We enrich them with Unique content to give the right voice and the right picture to the agency-customer relationship. We ensure that each email works with every device, with every program and operating system.

If we had at least one chance to get in touch with our potential customers, we can’t let it pass.

A joint of competences lead by a strategic vision which also includes the analysis of the navigation data thanks to which we can determine

When to send the DEM campaigns and the strength of remarketing

Meaning all those actions aimed at the customers who have chosen a product or a service, even once.

A good remarketing strategy is not limited to the traditional confirmation order email. A costumed communication which takes into account the purchasing behaviors and has the power to loyalize the customers and to increase the purchasing rate.

These aims are complicated, but they’re not impossible to achieve if you let yourself to be guided by experience and numbers. One of the greatest advantages related to digital marketing in general is the opportunity to track the progress of the dispatch thanks to an advanced tracking and reporting system. The data obtained from each campaign is a precious source of information on the taste and the behavior of our customers which gives us the ground to improve and to edit the next communication strategy.


These data are also a good starting point to strengthen the marketing strategy. They allow us to integrate to the DEM campaigns other services granted by Be2Be:sms campaigns marketing, landing pages development, implementation of content for blogs and social networks, so as to create an ecosystem adaptable for the business goals of our clients.

If you have decided to take
the old newsletter to the next level, be2be is waiting for you!