Content Marketing

Content is the most efficient weapon to benefit from the web

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet

These words are from an article titled Content is King by an IT expert who actually did not deal with content production. Twenty years later, Bill Gates won this and other wagers.

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He understood how computer facilities, and subsequently the web, are efficient instruments at the service of one of those activities that has always characterized mankind: communicating.

Deprived of content to be transmitted, these instruments would lose their strength and wouldn’t even be invented.

When we talk about a business solution that helps the companies achieving their marketing goals, we talk first and foremost of content. It can be a product, a service, an offer, an event; our aim is to show that content to as much people as possible and to grab their attention.

For this to happen the content must be able to convey and enhance the unity of a trade proposal and also be realized in a way that would engage the users through an experience that uses various sensory input. 

Writing and design: the double-edged side of content production

Once we have established the message we want to convey, we work to shape it and to deliver it in an efficient way by engaging all the senses: sight, hearing and even touch (for instance, when we transform a brand identity in practical objects – prints, packaging, etc.).

That’s why for Be2Be producing quality content means to range over from texts to images, from pictures to sounds, from animations to videos.

But they are especially the words and the images, the texts and visual contents that build the ground of a solid content strategy.

Words tell stories. They share with their users events that shape the corporate identity and make our customers’ proposals special. The words build storytelling and much more.

Words persuade. Words lead the right things to do. Words solve users’ issues when it comes to provide details and explanations.  And then, words fill spaces.

For this reason, writing and design are processes that overlap and improve each other. Design provides the words spaces to fill, but the right word at the right place can lead to reshape spaces. A word can highlight the function of a graphic element: a button, an icon, an empty field.

But as is so often the cases of life, we say words are not enough. In all those cases the images come into play: visual storytelling supports and makes resonate a kind of storytelling made of sole words.

Pictures, visuals, illustrations, animations, layouts, colors and even fonts: these are all nonverbals, communication tools that get in to the mind sooner and better than texts.

The continuous dialogue and the implementation of these two process it’s what takes place in be2be to offer his customers high-quality products capable to communicate a valuable message and hence ensure the maximum profit from the marketing strategies employed.

Good content converts good. If they are developed to create a dialogue with a wider communication ecosystem, they convert even better.

Content is king, context is queen

Producing quality content it’s a great way to:

Increase qualified contacts and agreements
Generate income
Loyalize customers

But every instrument in the marketing field threatens to be inefficient if not supported by other elements. In this respect, if the content is king, it’s good to have a powerful queen by his side : the context.

Special content deserves to get to a wider audience, the right audience. That’s why we implement them in a inbound marketing plan.

In this perspective, the sole actions of content marketing are sided by instruments as the development of good and functional web interfaces web design. The competence within the SEO in order to deliver texts capable to attract traffic. The ability of using content to generate an interaction through the social networks and to create effective display campaigns.

For be2be, content marketing is not just an instrument, but a set of techniques and strategies which complement each other to achieve results that can be measured by the work made on the content.

A particular form of marketing that embraces anything that has been put online to satisfy any need.

Even more: when the content is professionally generated and with particular attention to the quality, they’re strong enough to create even more needs.

The companies are thus able to have a very powerful to achieve their business goals. Be2be guides his customers in the development of tailor-made strategies, successful business solutions that originate to powerful content