Code of Ethics

  • 5.1 Legality
  • 5.2 Service-Minded Attitude
  • 5.3 Fairness
  • 5.4 Efficiency
  • 5.5 Transparency
  • 5.6 Houman Resoursces Development
  • 5.7 Fair Competition
  • 5.8 Confidentiality
  • 5.9 Workplace Safety
  • 5.10 Confidence-Building
  • 6.1 Norms of cunduct in relationships with the Employees
  • 6.2 Personnel Managment
  • 6.3 Resources Development and Training
  • 6.4 Health and Safety
  • 6.5 Information Managment
  • 6.6 Use of Business Asset
  • 7.1 Correctness and Completness of Information
  • 7.2 Line of Conduct of Employees and Suppliers
  • 7.3 Customers Engagement
  • 8.1 Suppliers Management
  • 8.2 Norms of Behavior in the Relationship with Public Administration
  • 9.1 Privacy Protection
  • 9.2 It System Protection


Be2Be srl is a marketing agency offering a comprehensive consultancy service and providing to his clients the major Digital and Direct Marketing services, developing tailor-made communication strategies for any necessity, need and budget


Be2Be srl. carries on the activity of organized analysis and Information System Auditing, software developing, EDP staff training, commercialization of hardware and software and ICT services (Information and Communication Technologies).

Be2be srl. focuses primarily on companies operating in the industrial, banking, assurance, financial sectors and Public Administrative Entities, central and local.  


The following Code of Ethics represents a guideline of conduct for all stakeholders and, in the absence of a specific regulation, qualifies as an instrument aimed at: 


  • Managing the relationship with the employees, suppliers and collaborators;
  • Limiting any abuse of authority;
  • Implementing measures on the margin of discretion required by law.


Be2Be srl identifies as recipients of the following Code of Ethics:


  • Its employees
  • All those who, in various ways, act on behalf of Be2be s.r.l. or either represent them with third parties.


All the recipients are required to know the rules of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics and all those ruling the specific activity.

The recipients are also required to properly inform all third parties to whom come into contact in the course of their employment about the existence of the Code of Ethics, the commitments and the obligations imposed by the latter to the external entities.

Every employee is obliged to:

  • Set an example in his own behavior to the other colleagues.
  • Highlight to them the fact that the Code of Ethics constitutes an essential component of the job.


Be2be srl disseminates the Code of Ethics to all the recipients, especially:


  • To the internal staff; the dissemination shall be effected by displaying in the workplace and on the occasion of specific training periods properly dedicated, in order to raise awareness and a conscious practice of the behaviors indicated therein.
  • To the contractors, suppliers and other third parties acting on behalf of Be2be s.r.l.; the dissemination shall be made using a proper and clear  informative communication, hardcopy and/or electronic, in order for the recipient to be in the condition of consciously comprehend and underwrite its content.


5.1 Legality

Be2be srl. recognizes the legality as a founding principle to the running of any activity and encourages its collaborators respect for the Law, the current legislation and the specific Corporate Compliance.

Be2be srl  does not tolerate any behavior contrary to the current law, the Code of Ethics or the norms and sanctions such behaviors opposed to the Company policy.


5.2 Service-Minded Attitude

A service-minded attitude implies the basic agreement of the mission statement. This requires that each recipient of the provisions of the Code is constantly inspired, in his behaviors, by the ultimate goal of providing a service of high social value and of public utility which has to benefit from the best quality standards, fairer economic and regulatory conditions, with no arbitrary discrimination.


5.3 Fairness

Fairness implies the respect on the part of all in the completion of their professional activity of the rights of each person involved, beyond the mere compliance of the law and of the employment agreement. 

This also requires the refusal of any situation which creates discrimination against the staff or potential conflict of interest between the Company and those who are involved in activities with it.


5.4 Efficiciency

The principle of efficiency requires that on each working activity is put the best professional quality according to the most advanced standards in every area and activity profile. In the performance and the provision of services, the commitment to provide a service adapted to the needs of the client and to the most advanced standard of affordability in the management of the resources deployed should always be pursued.

5.5 Transparency

Be2be srl. assures that its representatives and collaborators delineate in all clarity, fairness and diligence the Company image in all its relations and facilitate its comprehension.

5.6 Houman Resoursces Development

Human Resources constitute the key factor for the development and the growth of the business activities and, on this basis, Be2be srl. promotes and protects the professional growth with the view of increasing the wealth of expertise. 

5.7 Fair Competition

Be2be srl develops the value of competition acting in accordance with the principle of fairness and loyal competition towards all the operators active in the market

Possono essere stipulate delle partnership con operatori concorrenti nei casi in cui gli operatori dimostrino di operare secondo le regole del presente Codice.

5.8 Confidentiality

Be2be srl assures that its representatives and collaborators protect the confidentiality of personal data contained in the databases and in the personal files and shall ensure that all the privacy obligations laid down by law are observed.

5.9 Workplace Safety

Be2be srl assures that its representatives and collaborators take all the security measures required by the technological development and shall ensure that the physical and personal integrity of its employees is guaranteed.  

5.10 Confidence-Building

The Company cannot succeed without the mutual trust of all subjects who give their contribution on a daily basis. This trust is based on the sharing of a common mission, the respect on the part of everyone of the values and the provisions of this Code: each subject commit, therefore, to its strict observance. The failure to comply to these rules is not compatible to the activity carried out by Be2be srl


6.1 Norms of cunduct in relationships with the Employees

Compliance with the rules contained in the Code of Ethics must be regarded as an integral and essential part of the contractual obligations ruled for the Employees of the Company, in accordance with Article 2104 of the Civil Code (Duty of Diligence). Be2be srl is asking for its employees to acknowledge and to comply the rules contained therein and to promote the knowledge to new employees and third parties with whom the Company comes into contact

6.2 Personnel Managment

Be2be srl takes great care to avoid any form of discrimination towards its employee. As part of a personnel management and development process, as in the selection phase, the decisions taken are based on the correspondence between the required profiles and those owned by the collaborators (for example, in case of promotion or redeployment).

The access to roles and positions is determined in consideration of competences and expertise; due regard being had to the general work efficiency, the organization flexibility facilitating the management of maternity leave are also favored. 

6.3 Resources Development and Training

Be2be srl provides to all its collaborators the information and training tools with the aim of develop specific personnel skills and expertise.

The training is provided in block or to single collaborators based on specific requirements of professional development. An institutional training delivered at certain times of the firm life of the collaborator and a recurring training of the operational staff are planned.

6.4 Health and Safety

Be2Be srl is committed to promote and consolidate a culture of security developing the knowledge of hazards and promoting responsible behaviors from all its collaborators; it also operates to protect especially stakeholders.

6.5 Information managment

Each employee must know and apply in accordance with the company policies on the subject of safety when it comes to information security in order to ensure its integrity, confidentiality and availability.

Each employee is required to elaborate his documents employing a clear, objective and comprehensive language, enabling any verification requested by authorized colleagues, managers or external parties. 

6.6 Use of Business Asset

Each employee is required to operate diligently in order to protect the business asset by means of a responsible behavior in line with the operative procedures prepared to regulate its use, documenting their utilization precisely.


The agreements and communication to customers must be:

  • Clear, simple and comprehensible;
  • Compliant to the current law;
  • Complete, avoiding omissions or interpretations in order to lead the customer to a fully conscious decision.

7.2 Line of Conduct of Employees and Suppliers

The image that Be2be creates to its own customers results from the quality of the services provided and the quality of the relationships it manages.

All Be2be’s Employees and Suppliers are required to adopt towards the customers a professional, disposable and polite behavior in order to meet the human and commercial expectations 

7.3 Customers Engagement

Taking care of the reports and the indications given by the customer is crucial to provide a satisfactory service. To achieve this Be2be srl provides communication channel between the customer and the expertise at its disposal.


8.1 Suppliers Management

The suppliers management must be founded on standards of impartiality, autonomy and independence. Be2be shall have specific procedures and operative instructions regulating the relations with the suppliers and especially their selection and qualification, document management and the control activities on them

8.2 Norms of Behavior in the Relationship with Public Administration

Be2be is committed to adopt, in the relations with the Public Administration and the Institutions carrying out activities of public utility and interest, the most rigorous observance of the Community, national and business rules.

Be2be bases its relations with the supervisory authority on full collaboration in the respect of their institutional role, committing itself to execute promptly to their requirements.


9.1 Privacy Protection

Be2be srl guarantees the confidentiality of information and data owned by employees, collaborators or third parties collected because, or in occasion, of the functioning of the job and each employee and collaborator is due to comply to these principles; the management of personal data is in absolute agreement with the current law. The Recipients ensure the full confidentiality of news and information constituting the Be2be’s asset in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 concerning Data Protection.

9.2 It System Protection

Be2be srl forbids any practice liable to violate the confidentiality of IT system owned by the Company or third parties or that could cause damage to them or aimed at falsifying an electronic document and/or having probative force. 



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