Brand Identity

Designing the corporate identity is to establish the customer relationship

… each of them, both those that a company already acquired and those who it’d like to.

In the current market environment, the brand, the trademark, basically the corporate identity and the means employed to tell itself play a major role within a market strategy

If the inherent value of the goods is becoming less and less essential for the success/failure of a product, the brand value and its narrative, on the other hand, represent the new playing field across competitors.

be2be servizi brand identity

Telling the identity of a business project through a variety of channels (branding) or revamping it to adapt it to the new reality (rebranding) has always been the most complex and delicate process.

But at the same time is also the most efficient : not only in terms of brand awareness, but also in terms of practical impact on the efficiency of the business strategies.

Customers who are getting increasingly smarter, whose purchase path is constantly swinging between online and offline, grant their trust to a brand with even more thrift than before; but, when they do it, they turn to loyal customers or even brand ambassadors and almost never their motives are directly linked to the product. The numbers speak for us:

  • According to a survey by Ipsos from 2018, the 10 most influential brands in the Italian landscape have one common thread: they offer something more than a simple product or service. They’re part of something bigger… they convey and inspire a set of rules and values[1].
  • More than 65% [2] of those surveyed claimed to have an emotional bond with a brand or a company.
  • 13% of them is willing to pay from 31 % to 50 % more for a product of the brand with which have established an emotional bond[3].
  • The color can improve the recognizability of a brand up 80%[4].

Establishing a solid bond with the customers, becoming part of their imagery, loyalizing them and making them perceive the brand as a value in itself it’s a path which starts from the definition of a clear and well-defined corporate identity.

All the means able to describe it that go through the declination of this identity: from the outside, interfacing with the customers that have been already acquired and the potential ones.  

And this means are larger than you can imagine: each one has to be controlled with skill to keep them from clashing and spoiling the harmonious coherence of the whole.  

Be2Be combines them one by one:


The development of a brand identity starts with the choice of the name that might be that of the brand, of the company or of the single product. Conceiving a name which is coherent, but not mundane and that sticks in the customer’s mind, is one of the most valuable elements in a good strategy.  

Logo design

90% of the sensory information transmitted to the brain are visual and they are elaborated 60.000 times faster than the textual ones[1].

That is why it is so important to determine an association between the company - or its products - and a symbol (with the latter representing to the fullest a business and what it has to offer). Be2Be incorporates this service in its marketing consulting service, so to create a business with its own unique and memorable success.  

Coordinated Image

We’ve already talked about the importance of color in the perception of a brand. Actually, the color is only part of a complex set of visual and textual elements: from the font that will be employed in the marketing as well as in corporate communications to the graphical elements and the tone that will characterize the production of contents.

Be2be will design and realize for its customers each of these instruments. From the business card to the brochure up to the Website from the DEM Campaigns to the Landing page every detail will tell in the most clear and coherent way the values of our customers. 

Branding e Rebranding

The corporation identity – the brand – is not and shouldn’t ever be something still and static. The successful companies are those capable to evolve and to adapt by monitoring the constant changing in people’s tastes and needs. For this reason, from time to time, redesigning the face of a company could be necessary, passing through a process called rebranding.

This is a sensible, but also exciting path, capable of sparking mechanisms that will draw the direction towards the future achievements. We led a a young and talented company, in this evolution whose is now experiencing a stunning growth.

Be2Be loves to put itself to service of the vision and the needs of the companies,
to determine their identity and to assist them inbuilding a good relationship with their customers..