Pleased to meet you!


Pleased to meet you!

Daniele Laface

Chief Executive Officer e Owner

Founder and passionate leader of Be2be. He manages the developping of new services and new opportunites for the company

He's good at betting on his collaborators... and winning! He believes in the strength of the network and on the importance of taking chances

Loves challanges, taking care of the details and supporting companies willing to convey their message efficiently

Designs his first website at 14: it was 1995, internet just arrived in Italy, softwares as dreamwave and HTML guides still didn't exist. He immediately fell in love with Flash vectorial animations. As today he purchaes everything online

After several unsuccesful attempts, today he's a proud green thumb. he carves out some time to traverl and broaden his horizons. He nourishes his positive energy through meditaion

After a training in advertising, he starts his career as a (unpaid!) graphic designer. Moving for the entire country, he grows professionaly rfulfilling successfully roles as Art Director, Marketing Director and, finally, Commercial Director for important realities in the Web and Digital Marketing fields

Reversing the advertising engagement tendencies: the consumer who is not anymore chased by communication, but the consumer who finds what he is looking for in the right place and the right time

Playing together since there's no fun on your own. Compulsive party planner and a would-be barman


Alfonso Martino

Chief Financial Officer

Brings in the administration office his experience in the business fields and his planning abilities

Numbers and statistics

Working in a positive enviroment, even with all the business difficulties of today

Excel is his workplace

His family is his greatest passion. Even if he's constantly with a suitcase in his hand for living

Lots of work. He basically works since forever

Better himself, especially by working in young workplaces as at be2be

He has a dream: the introduction of digital currency.He believes it's the best solution to emerge from the crisis


Stefano Blatto

Operations and Teleselling Director

Makes everything concerning sales and the relations with the clients work in a efficient and structured way

Quickness and a strong orientation to the goal

He loves ''making'', the practicality of achieved projects and leading a team of skilled and motivated collaborators

Reads, purchases and nurtures his passions online. The companies and their products can't be missed and the users as him can't help but to evaluate them on the Web

A son and a wife who are all his life. Motorcycles, skying and electronic music that make his life even more beautiful

Trained as an engineer, first years in the planning field, important experience in marketing. With these 3 solid skills he fulfills for years commercial responsabilities roles with great results

He sees his future in a constant growth on the path that he has begun to trace for years with the objective of reserve the right spaces devoted to his loved ones and himself

Quick and organised, he wishes everything runs as he does.


Edoardo Aldo Sette

Area Manager

Leads and inspires growth on digital, with passion and great energy

A facilitator for customers to turn their potential projects into a reality

Music, good food and nature. Listening to people, learning new things and acting rather than undergoing

20 years in digital, from the beginning to today

Active member in the BNI Talent Chapter in Turin: a collaboration among a group of professionals and entrepreneurs who make relational marketing his source of inspiration

After finishing his studies, he fell in love with digital and embarked on a professional career in marketing and sales that continue to motivate him every day and offer new insights

Turn digital into analog and turn online relationships into offline. He believes in the value of ecological and balanced communication

He believes in quality relationships, in life, as in business. Either you are there when you serve or you are not there at all


Nicoletta Orlandi

Project Manager

She takes care of sales projects with passion and enthusiasm. She believes in group strength as a recipe for success for every project.

Determined in every thing she does, every day is chance to grow and learn from others.

For ideas, those that surprise you when you least expect them. New business, inventions… only, until now, they’ve always been thought by someone else… but she’s certain her idea will come sooner or later.

At the end of the day she relaxes digging through the online sales and loading up her shopping cart directly from her couch, between one chat and the next.

From writing a short story that surely only her will read to the fuss of the evening parties. She loves words… and everybody around her knows it!

More than 12 years in the sales and marketing field, covering many roles. She adapts well to changes and she never give up to boredom.

Her 2-year old kid, from which she borrows those big eyes of his full of joy and wonder.

She loves well-realized plans, to the point that, if nothing goes as she wanted, she hardly gets over it.


Eleonora De Santis

Project Manager

She has always dealt with mobile and display adv. She recently started to manage with her talent other far-reaching projects

Her ability to make team building turns the toughest project easier and the workplace more delightful

Everything creative. Also marketing which allows her to cultivate her passions in the workplace.

Devours TV series, especially foreign ones (so she can improve her language skills)

Music festivals, live music… you’ll find her wherever there is a stage and an artist.

Graduated in Law School. She decided to change her course: a master degree in Marketing and Digital Communication created the platform to build a career that fulfills her expectations.

Fulfill herself professionally because loving your job makes your life better.

She’s ‘’a bit’’ messy. Her favorite quote? ‘’ One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.’’


Adriana Balbo

Customer Success Manager

Assesses the needs of the clients in order to support them in the development of performative media plans with a sales oriented technical approach

Assesses the needs of the clients in order to support them in the development of performative media plans with a sales oriented technical approach

At university used to tell her: ‘’the stylist creates beauty, the designer combines beauty and functionality’’, she loves Design… other than travelling and organizing things

Without internet she’d be lost: from the news to the purchases, from ideas for organizing anything: she finds everything online!

She has ‘’Attila’’ and ‘’Turbolence’’, her lively little daughters and her love for planning travels, happenings, presents… also for others

Counting a background in Design for Industry, days (and many dawns) in agency as art director and project manager, until the latest years as a media consultant in close contact with marketing and sales

Improve her expertise in a close-knit and motivated team, enjoying her free time with family and friends

Consistency, logic and esthetics. A project has to be ‘’on the subject’’ and nothing has to be left to chance


Carlo Testore

Sales Account

Consistency, logic and esthetics. A project has to be ‘’on the subject’’ and nothing has to be left to chance

Proactive and determined. Always ready to face new projects and new challenges

Great team spirit, he loves to confronts with his colleagues because the best idea is the one that is shared

Netflix-addicted, very active on social networks: you’ll find him on every social platform. Always searching for the newest apps

Sport, travel and music are his passion. In his spare time he’s organizes travels. If there’s a festival in town you’ll find him there!

Degree in Business Administration with a two year experience in the sales field. He has decided to put himself out there and to enter in the digital world

Learning as much as he can about digital advertising and become an all-around marketing manager

Stubborn. He’s not satisfied with something until it’s perfect. That’s why he does 150 times!


Sara Chiesa

Contact Center Manager

Selects, trains and manages the performance of the contact center, always with an eye on the person, the team and the end customer

Goal driven with the ability to bring out, through training, people's individual skills

Living her life up with new projects, taking care of the results over time

WA Enthusiast, Amazon oriented

Always travels, also with her family that is the center of her world... and then a lot of social theater, street theater and in all its forms

Company trainer for both sales network and outbound telephone structures, she has gained commercial experience thanks to the direct management of the suppliers,and the development of commercial negotiations for SMEs. Then, she started working in the field of personnel selection

"The journey is made by going..."

Punctual beyond way, she suddenly breaks the mold with a bit of irony


Linda Leame

Administration & Accounting

She works in the administration department, managing front/back office work, accounting and invoices registration.

Always looking for the silver lining in everything; she’s stubborn and does anything to achieve her goal.

Always passionate about music, she plays clarinet and saxophone. Headphones and Spotify are the best way to get through the day!

She loves to stay in touch with people through social networks. She’s very active and admits her addiction to social media.

Travelling with her friends on the weekends and discovering new places

After graduating in administration, finance and (obviously) marketing… she starts a new working experience in the administration field and decides to pursue accounting, trying to learn it in all its forms

She wants to improve and grow every day. Her motto is: «Life is a process of knowledge: to live is to learn»

Everything has to be precise and organized, nothing gets past her. Post-its are her favorite memo, of any dimension and colors!


Fabrizio Garis

Digital marketing manager

Manages and engineers the technical part. He deals with the analysis and promotion of his client’s services through the major advertising instruments

Rather than getting stuck on a problem, he prefers to find the solution to solve it and doesn’t give up until he reaches his target

The Web as a place in which he can learn, where projects grow and can be shared

Advertising platforms first and foremost. And anything else involving a screen and a keyboard

Passionate about nature and gardening. His other favorite job is being a father

His work addiction has developed through the years. Starting from a secondary school with focus on psychology and teaching - which build his advertiser mindset - until the IT studies at the university

To discover everything he still doesn’t even know

He never answers to his colleagues: he’s always too busy and concentrate to do that


Reda Wahbi

Content Marketing Specialist

He manages our relations with affiliates and advertisers

Team player and multitasking in english, because he has a great talent for foreign languages

Loves challenges and learning new things

Watches movies, reads comic-books and uses the dear, old word for writing

Cultivates his childhood passions in order to don’t lose his ‘’childish’’ side

Graduation in Translation Studies and a couple of day jobs: few past, but lots of future.

Growing, learning, improve his skills and facing new beginnings

He starts competently many conversions, but all at once!


Enrica Biondi

Graphic & Web Designer

Some graphic design, some copywriting, some social media, some web designing… In short, wherever creativity is needed, she’s there!

Her creativity leads her to think big and to fly with her mind. She comes back to earth from time to time.

She puts herself out there. She’s not afraid of challenges, they should be!

Netflix has no secrets to her. She already saw everything before the premiere

Travelling, finding new places and drinking a good glass of wine with her best friends. Or all of the above is better still.

After graduating in architecture and a working experience in Spain, she decided to pursue her true passion: marketing and graphic design.

One only goal: learning everything she can learn. She doesn’t like to stop to what she doesn’t know. She wants to go beyond and explore each and every form.

She’s obsessed from lists. She uses them in order to have everything under control, sometimes even for basic things as eating. Then, she makes a list of lists to do…


Davide Fanelli

Executive Designer

Compulsive web designer and much more. He has an obsession for color palettes

Not a single pixel escapes him

Graphic design, movies, comic books, music and other nerd stuff

He’s rarely on Facebook because he’d rather waste time on Twitter and Instagram. He knows Amazon better than he knows his family

Listening and playing music, including drumming on the desk

He started to design websites since when they used tables to do it. Basically since prehistoric times

He dreams to have a cameo in a Marvel movie

He hates odd numbers and when objects aren’t in order and aligned